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Landscape photography

Christian Hoiberg - many different articles on most aspects of landscape photography, free resources, e-books

Alister Benn - Expressive photography. Landscape photographer of the year 2019. Techniques, interviews, ideas.

Photo Cascadia - a group of excellent photographers who share tips and techniques on their site

Photoshop - Colin Smith

Lightroom - Julianne Kost 

Both the above have free tips and tricks to help improve your post-processing skills and add to your knowledge.

 Click on this link for a table compiled by Doug which highlights the pros and cons of each.

Bird photography

Ari Hazeghi - an astounding bird photographer who freely shares tips and techniques.

Useful blogs and forums

Back Country Gallery - Steve Perry's forum. All aspects of nature, wildlife and landscape are discussed. Steve is the author of several excellent e-books.

Fred Miranda -an all-round forum covering all genres, competitions, critique and gear reviews. Specialist sub-forums for different camera makes, landscape, wildlife, black & white, street, people, architecture, etc.

John Caponigro - a philosophical approach to photography and life. Many practical tips and techniques.

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