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Who's who in the zoo

So what does the KPS committee actually do?

Doug Emanuel - chairperson. Doug's role is to preside over club nights, committee meetings, AGMs and SGMs, co-chair competitions, approve expenditure, sign all official docs, and issue an annual report ahead of each AGM. He also our minister of finance, and together with Peter, keeps a beady eye on all expenses paid for the benefit of members and ensures that our monetary affairs are in order. Doug manages and sets up all of our club equipment and assists Eileen with scoring. He is also responsible for new member induction and training sessions.

Alan King - vice chair - assists / stands in for the chairperson, arranges certificates and medals for annual prizegiving, and co-ordinates the AGM. Alan has also taken on the role of membership officer, and as such, liaises with prospective members, informs the induction officer of new members and maintains the membership list. Don't worry, your info is safe in Alan's hands as he is also our club information officer responsible for our compliance with the POPI Act.  Alan also assists with scoring, our website, and is our keeper of statistics. As our resident Energizer Bunny he has lots more initiatives up his sleeve, so watch this space...

Pam Brighton - secretary. Pam is the one who keeps the committee in check, sending agendas and keeping minutes of all our committee meetings, AGMs and SGMs. Pam's is the name you're most likely to see in your inbox as she also handles member communication, and the WhatsApps reminding us all about entries and deadlines. If you have any queries or comments for any of the committee members, please email them to Pam at, and she'll make sure the right person gets it.

Peter Oosthuizen - newsletter. How we all love Pete's thoughtfully curated monthly newsletter offerings! They are such a font of information - club news, the stories behind images, member bios, guest columns, and so much more. Peter is also our treasurer and pulls out his fine tooth comb to ensure that every cent of our budget is approved and accounted for.

Carol Phillips - competition convenor. Each year Carol comes up with ideas for our two competitions, and compiles inspiring video clips to get us out there and snapping. She also arranges the judging and presentation of certificates. In addition, Carol arranges our set subject evenings, including training presentations, with an emphasis on encouraging us all to learn new skills and grow in our photographic journeys. Carol also manages the KPS facebook page.

Eileen Covarr - scorer.  Eileen manages all our club entries and Photovault admin. This is a vast job and includes managing the TOP system on club nights, emailing member's scores, keeping a record of entries and scores, managing member promotions and recording salon achievements, managing and updating award criteria and analysing member performance to determine prizewinners. As if that's not enough, Eileen is also our PSSA representative and submits our POMs and interclub competition entries.

Anne Hrabar - judge co-ordinator and judges'training. Anne is our humble head honcho of judging, and her role is to arrange judges (including guest judges external to KPS) and ghost judges for club nights. She is also instrumental in ensuring that our club judges are always kept up to date in terms of new rules and thinking within the photographic fraternity, by ensuring ongoing training through workshops and the JAP programme run by the PSSA. Anne is the feeder of the judge pipeline, and you can be assured that when you attain your 3-star status, she'll be in touch...

Maureen van den Heever - website and social media. Despite being a non-techie, Maureen got the task of setting up a new website for KPS. The goal for the site is for it to be both a showcase of our members' best images and a useful resource for everyone in the club. Maureen also started the knysnaphotsoc instagram account, follow along to get a regular dose of inspirational images. Bookings and catering arrangements for club nights and events also fall under Maureen's remit.

But we don't do it on our own. Our members are a dynamic bunch, who willingly step up to the plate and take on responsibilities to ensure the smooth functioning of our club and the growth of everyone's photography skills.

Cathy Birkett - receptionist. Cathy is the warm welcome at the reception desk at our club nights. She takes your money Honey  and maintains the records of entries and payment each month.

Gary Hansel - outings convenor. Mr Sociable is our outings guy. Gary arranges regular club outings to all sorts of different places, giving club members lots of opportunities to play with their camera equipment and learn new skills along the way.

Luana Laubscher - KPS Chat administrator - Luana keeps us all chatting along nicely on our KPS "all things photographic" group, making sure we stay on topic.

To comment or request more info, please email Pam at

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